Sunday, May 26, 2019

Thank you for your interest in becoming a REALTOR®. There are a number of steps required to become a full REALTOR® member of Helena Association of REALTORS®, or any other local association.


First you will need to become a licensed real estate agent or broker through the State of Montana. The Board of Realty Regulation can provide more information regarding licensure. The BRR’s website is:

Next you will need to join a member office. The Broker/Owner will send HAR a letter indicating that you will be joining the firm.

HAR has annual dues, which also include payments to the Montana and National Associations of REALTORS®. Dues are prorated throughout the year for new members who join. Call the HAR office for an estimate of what you will owe to join now.

Once you have a license and have joined a local real estate office, there is a variety of paperwork to be filled out, both by you and your broker. After we have processed these documents, you will be required to take NAR’s Code of Ethics training, which can be completed on-line. Ethics training will be renewed on a two-year basis throughout a REALTOR’s® career.

The final steps to becoming a full REALTOR® member are attending the HAR New Member Orientation, which is held quarterly or more often. It takes about 3 hours. And finally, you will need formal approval from the HAR Board of Directors and the REALTOR® Oath will be administered. At that point you will be a full REALTOR® member.

Please feel free to contact the HAR/MLS office with any questions you may have.

These are our premier affiliates that make additional monthly contributions to our association.  We thank them for their continued support of our association, our members, and our community!

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